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UHD receives Shara School for Girls

2022-11-29 17:55:14.274287

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University of Human Development (UHD) received a group of students from Shara School for Girls on 28th November 2022. They were received by the Protocol Unit of the Students Unit.

Shara School is located in Sirwan town in Halabja Governorate. 

Students from this school, who numbered more than 60, were first guided to Prof. Dr Ali Qaradaghi Hall for a presentation about ‘how to plan for a successful life’ by Asst Prof. Dr Suhaib Mustafa Taha, dean of the College of Languages.

They were then guided to the medical labs and introduced to devices and equipment and shown the way those tools facilitate the learning process and help students practise their lessons. 

Finally, they were led to the Moot Court where they learned about bringing and arguing imaginary legal cases as attorneys and making decisions as a judge.

This was the fifth school to visit UHD this year.

If your school would like to visit us, please send an email to <>.