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UHD spring picnic day

Craft and Art Festival

Winners of Chess Contest awarded by President

Table Tennis Contest ends and winners awarded

UHD receives another group of high school students

UHD students’ football team plays in universities football tournament

Students from Sara Preparatory School enjoy a day at UHD

Students go on a weekend hiking trip to Tabin area

Diplomacy and Public Relations students observe Mother Language Day

UHD students mark International Childhood Cancer Day with an event

Year 4 beats Year 5 in the final match

Diplomacy Department graduate meets Canadian Prime Minister

Said Sadiq High School for Girls visit UHD

Two schools were on a visit to UHD campus today

UHD receives Shara School for Girls

Year 2 Students Team at IT Department wins their college’s football contest

College of Health Sciences football contest ends with victory for Year 3 team

UHD Book Club visit Sulaymaniyah International Book Fair

Opening a writing club at the English Department

Students Unit runs a photography training course

Diplomacy students take their practical classes off campus

UHD student volunteers to educate youngsters on computer programmes

Students go on hiking activity

Convergence of Translation & Art Exhibition

University of Human Development participates in Erasmus+

US Consulate encourages UHD student on his new project

UHD Chess Contest for students comes to an end

UHD Table Tennis Contest for students comes to an end

Sulaimani Polytechnic University students visit the University of Human Development

Three UHD students propose smart technology solution to traffic problems

UHD student is invited to Snap Inc office in Dubai for lenses development

Eighth Semester at the Information Technology Department win the football tournament

UHD student wins his place again in the Iraqi National Karate Team

UHD student takes second place in Iraqi male karate championship

College of Science and Technology guides school students to correct use of social media

Year-2 at the Department of Law win their college’s football championship

Leaders High School takes a trip to UHD campus

Seventh Semester at the English Department win their college’s football championship

Seventh Semester students at Medical Laboratory Sciences win their college’s football championship

UHD students celebrate Sulaimani Day

UHD students mark World Diabetes Day

Seventh Semester at the Business Management Department win their college’s football championship

A Group Of Students Organize A Major Event On International Women's Day

Ping-Pong Tournament for Students Organized at The UHD Campus

IT Students became Champion of Soccer League

Students Unit runs a photography training course

2022-10-25 18:13:26.418195

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The Students Unit at the University of Human Development has opened a training course on photography for the university’s students. It aims at providing the learners with the necessary skills and practice of photography and guiding them to become professionals in the field. How to capture the best moment of someone or something, how to photograph in different situations and scenarios and how to edit them later by using computer programmes, what you need to look for when taking a photo for storytelling purposes, how you can convey meaning and the most important part of an event to the viewers…etc are going to be the focus of the course.

The course consists of five workshops which are scheduled to be delivered on five different days. The first workshop was today, 25th October 2022. It was managed successfully with the attendance of 25 students. Professional instructors are teaching the course.

The Students Unit will provide the necessary equipment such as digital cameras, and participation is free of charge.

By the end of the course, participants are expected to have gained new knowledge and acquired new skills in photography. This will boost their chance for a job in the future. In the end, they will be awarded a certificate of participation.

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