The Development Centre for Research and Training (DCRT) is an academic non-profit centre of the University of Human Development, Iraq (UHD). It works to fulfil the main UHD goal of individual and community development through research and training. It supports and funds research writing and scientific investigation of the problems affecting society's development and progress to find solutions and move forward. DCRT provides great communication opportunities through conferences, seminars, panels, programs and workshops to discuss current issues and suggest recommendations to the relevant institutions and organisations. It offers training, opens courses for government employees in various sectors, and proposes joint projects to the local authorities and other institutions for the progress and betterment of society. DCRT also works with partners in the humanity fields by sharing information and knowledge and providing expertise on various issues. DRCT firmly believes that universities should have a greater presence in society and work to develop it in all possible aspects. It holds the belief that the development of Iraqi society is closely connected to the spread of democratic values of liberty, equality and justice, and protection of human rights. The promotion of these values lies with the government, civil society groups, and prominent individuals, but more with academic scholars and higher education institutions. DRCT is committed to holding and sponsoring activities which are intended to encourage and advance democratic values and collaborate with national and international institutions, organisations and groups that have a similar goal. DCRT’s past activities are a witness to its efforts in that regard.

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1 DCRT activities 2022-2023

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