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Dear students, Warm welcome to College of Law and Politics. College of Law and Politics is a place for you to learn the basic and necessary knowledge and skills in the areas of Law, and Diplomacy and Public Relations. It prepares you in the best possible way to face the challenges of the market environment and become a successful person in your future career whether it is in the legal sector or diplomacy and public relations sectors. Our college makes its best efforts to hire teachers with great academic backgrounds and experience in teaching. It focuses on the study courses and makes sure that they are up to date and are well designed for the teaching purpose. It also pays huge amount of attention to students’ activities in the classrooms and provides means so that students can practise what they have learned theoretically. Students enjoy the friendly atmosphere in our college as well as the facilities exist on the university campus. They also enjoy interaction with students of other colleges which is made easy by the closeness of the colleges’ buildings to each other. Occasional trips that we organise also create memorable experience for our students. Over the past years our graduates were able to find the best jobs available in the law and public relations sectors. They have been well picked and chosen by employers in those areas, and they proudly continue in their jobs, and contribute to the development and wellbeing of the society. Some of our graduate students work as employers and run their own businesses. And some others pursue higher education at home or abroad studying for Master or PhD degrees. Our university has come top on the national ranking of Kurdistan universities and takes a significant place on the ranking of Iraqi universities. Our college is pound of its academic achievements and its role in elevating the position of our university. Meanwhile we have established the most reasonable tuition fees which are affordable for most people. This is because we understand the economic situation in Kurdistan and we want to reduce the cost of education for the families of our students. Finally, I would like to reassure you that the administration staff of our college looks after you very well, they are there to manage your affairs in the most professional manner and help you when you need. Welcome to our college once more. Your best years start now. Sincerely, Kanaan Hamagharib Abdullah, Dean

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The college seeks to be the leader in all scientific, cultural and social levels and distinguished in its application of the quality system and reliance on modern education systems and the creation of a knowledge system that depends on modern foundations in education and work to raise the legal culture in society and rely on modern technological and technological systems in the educational process in order to meet the college To the ranks of colleges known internationally.

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