The library is a significant part of the university that has numerous Kurdish, Arabic and English resources in the following fields, among others:

Law and Politics

Science and Technology

English Language and Arabic Language

Administration and Economics

Medical Laboratory

The library  provides additional sources like PhD and M.A. thesis, journals, dictionaries and encyclopedia.

 The libray also provides dijital refrences fore all  UHD staff, students to accses to  Jstor online library. 

We are delighted to welcome you. The library staff will help you.


Why I Love JSTOR | Castilleja School Library

The University of Human Development provides access to scientific resources in and outside its campus. Researchers, teachers and students can visit the university’s library which is located inside the campus to read or borrow hard copy books and journals and outside the campus they can go on the university’s website to open account to get free access to JSTOR which is one of the world’s biggest digital libraries. 

JSTOR’s official website is available at:


Dear Readers

Please read the following instruction about how to borrow resources:

1. The borrowing duration for any resource is seven days for both teachers and students.

2. The teachers can borrow five sources at a time, while sthe tudents can borrow four sources.

3. If others did not demand a borrowed source, the borrowing duration could be extended.

4. The overdue fine is 250 IQD per day.

5. The student should repair resources damaged during borrowing.

6. The lost book fine is three times the price of the lost book