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UHD student takes second place in Iraqi male karate championship

2022-01-12 08:39:33.976993

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A student from the University of Human Development (UHD) participated in a karate championship held for the athletes in northern governorates, the Kurdistan Region and the two governorates of Mosel and Kirkuk, and finished in second place.

Mabast Fayaq from the UHD College of Administration and Economics, the Department of Accounting, became a runner-up in the Iraqi Karate Championship held in the city of Kirkuk on 1st January 2022. It was for men karatekas living in the northern part of Iraq. The championship was held under the weight class 84 kg and Mabast managed to take the second place among 20 other contesters. This achievement has qualified him to remain in the Iraqi National Karate Team.

Mabast became a formal karate practitioner and joined Sulaimani Club in 2013. He has participated in many local and regional contests and won many medals. He was invited in 2017 to join the Iraqi National Karate Team and since then he has represented Iraq in a number of competitions held outside Iraq, notably the Asian Competition and the World Competition in Dubai in 2021.

Martial art karate is a popular sport in Iraq. It is played widely in the country including the city of Sulaymaniyah where UHD is based.