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College of Science and Technology guides school students to correct use of social media

2021-12-26 15:22:37.276887

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A group of Year 4 students from the College of Science and Technology at the University of Human (UHD) Development have been engaged since early December 2021 in a series of seminars for a number of basic (Grades 7-9) and high schools in Sulaymaniyah on the use of social media. The purpose is to spread awareness among school students about the advantages and disadvantages of social media and appropriate ways of using them.

During the seminars that have so far been delivered, the UHD students have spoken in clear language on the problems stemming from using social media such as distracting students from their studies, lack of proper sleep at night and other negative social and health effects. These UHD students who have already received training from their college, guide students to the correct use of social media - use social media as sources of knowledge and useful information and avoid unimportant and bad things. This way, the seminars emphasize, students can make progress in their studies and stay positive and healthy.

Social media, particularly Facebook, are widely used in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq among all ages. Access to the Internet by households and individuals and the availability of smartphones have made it easy for many people to use social media frequently. However, there is not enough awareness about the problems of social media. This ongoing effort by the UHD College of Science and Technology is an important step in that regard. It is coordinated between UHD and Sulaymaniyah Education Directorate.