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Seventh Semester at the English Department win their college’s football championship

2021-12-01 19:20:22.058387

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The football championship run by the College Languages at the University of Human Development (UHD) ended with the victory of the Seventh Semester students’ team at the English Department on 30th November 2021. Like in other colleges, the Seventh Semester and Third Semester teams made it to the final match but it ended in a draw as each team scored four goals. The result of the match was decided by penalty shootouts in which the Seventh Semester team scored more goals and became the winner.

The UHD Students Unit organised football championships for all the UHD colleges in November with the purpose of creating entertainment for students after a lengthy period of study – UHD has started the 2020-2021 academic year in September; study courses have been run thoroughly in all the departments since then. The championship was also an opportunity for students to practise their football skills.  

Trophy cups were awarded to the teams of the final match.