Workshop: ChatGPT and its impact on education


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College of Science and Technology at the University of Human Development held a workshop on ‘ChatGPT and its impact on education’ in F-203 on 16th February 2023. It was delivered by Mr Salar Rahim Tala and Mr Hiwa Omer Hassan.

The workshop elaborated on the impact of ChatGPT on education and argued that it can be both positive and negative. On the positive side, it can serve as a valuable tool for students and teachers to access information quickly and easily. It can also help students develop their language and writing skills by providing them with instant feedback on their questions and written assignments. On the negative side, relying too heavily on ChatGPT or other AI-powered tools for information and writing assistance could lead to a decrease in critical thinking and creativity, as students may not learn to seek out information on their own and generate their own ideas. Additionally, there is a risk that students may rely on inaccurate or biased information provided by AI systems.

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