Seminar: The current political situation and the future of the Iraqi government


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Join us for this 24 hours Event

College of Law and Politics at the University of Human Development (UHD) held a seminar on the present political situation in Iraq and its future government on 05th October 2022. The seminar was presented by Asst Prof. Dr Kurdistan Salim Saeed and Mr Kardo Rasheed who is the head of the Department of Diplomacy and Public Relations at the aforementioned college.

Dr Kurdistan reviewed the history of the recent Iraqi governments and cited reasons for the present political deadlock including the power-sharing agreement among the main components of the Iraqi society – Kurds, Sunni Arabs, Shia Arabs – regardless of the votes gained by any political parties, and Mr Kardo focused on the way that democracy has been abused by the political parties and the widespread corruption in the country.

The seminar was held at the Seminar Hall on the premise of UHD. There was a high turnout of the audience.

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