Training course: Leadership and academic skills for university lecturers


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Join us for this 24 hours Event

College of Languages at the University of Human Development held a training course for its lecturers from 2nd May 2022 to 8th June 2022 on leadership and improving academic skills. It was held twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays and each time it lasted two hours.

The rationale behind the course was that teaching at university requires multiple academic capabilities and various new skills, and this necessitates continuous improvement and adaptation to the changing reality.

The following topics were presented and discussed during the course: Introduction to leadership skills; Formation and development of the leadership personality for lecturers; Enlightening lecturers with some necessary skills such as writing and publishing scientific research; Graduation research project, evaluation criteria and procedures in a nutshell; and The nuts and bolts of the literature review.

Dr Suhaib, Dr Inaad, Dr Sabir, Ms Sahima and Mr Haval who all belong to the College of Languages presented and managed the discussions around the above topics.

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