Training course: Using technology at work


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College of Science and Technology at the University of Human Development held a training course for its lectures and students which included six workshops and they were delivered by the lecturers at the college on different days between 20th December 2021 and 23rd June 2022.

The title of the first workshop was ‘Document preparation with LaTex’ and it was delivered by Mr Hiwa and Mr Goran, ‘Machine Learning with Python’ was the second workshop by Mr Hawkar and Mr Abdulbasit, the third workshop was ‘Biohacking and Cyborg’ by Mr Mazn and Ms Shima, ‘Language skills in the science classroom’ was the fourth workshop by Dr Bestoon and Mr Farhad, ‘Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) and its applications’ by Dr Muzhir and Ms Hamssa and ‘Data management and analysis' was the last workshop by Dr Muzhir and Mr Omed.

The training course lasted 36 hours, and over 40 lecturers and students participated in it.

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