Workshop on graduation research project at English Department


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English Department lecturer Mr Haval Latif held a workshop for students of the Semester 8 from his department on ‘Graduation Research Project: Format and Style from Cover to Cover’ on 10th April 2022.  

The aim of the workshop was to help students get familiar with the writing and organising graduation research papers, and two styles were introduced for that purpose; APA and MLA.

Mr Haval explained in detail how to design the cover of the research paper, how to find a suitable title, one that reflects the content of the paper, and what is dedication, acknowledgment and abstract and how to write them. Also, he elaborated on in-text citations, literature review, methods and methodology, analysis and discussion, writing references and the different styles that are used to cite sources.

A total of 87 students attended the workshop.

Students at the Kurdistan Region universities write research papers in their final year as part of their graduation requirement.  


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