Breast cancer: causes, symptoms and treatment


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In a workshop organised by the College of Health Sciences at the University of Human Development, the problem of breast cancer – causes, symptoms and treatment – was explained by three specialist doctors.

Dr Mzhda Sahib, a radiologist and sonographer, Dr Lana Rezan, a radiologist and sonographer and Dr Zhyan Khalil, a specialist in breast diseases, were the guest speakers. They explained in detail the problem of breast cancer; what causes it, what the symptoms are and what kind of treatment is available in the Kurdistan Region. The speakers advised women who feel that they have the problem to get it checked by a specialist.

The workshop was held at Dr Ali Qaradaghi Hall on 2nd March 2022 for the university’s students and teachers. The purpose was to increase awareness about the growing problem of breast cancer among females and give the right information and advice.