Virtual international workshop on Future Directions of Strategic Management


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A joint international workshop was held on Zoom platform between the Union of Arab Statisticians and the University of Human Development on 5th February 2022 titled ‘The Future Directions of Strategic Management’.

Strategic management is the strategic use of a company's resources to achieve its goals and objectives. Strategic management requires thinking about the processes and procedures within the company in addition to external factors that may affect how the company operates to achieve its goals.

The workshop focused on two main topics: the first topic was ‘strategic management - a technological perspective’ delivered by Prof. Dr Shawki Nagi Jawad from the Union of Arab Statisticians and the second topic was ‘strategic management - a developmental perspective’ by Dr Amjad Mohammed Abdullah from the University of Human Development. The first topic included the concept of strategic management, technology management and strategic information systems management, in addition to the technological environment, technological development, technological alliance and technology transfer leading to the technological future. As for the second topic, it included the relationship between strategic management and development, how to grow and expand in strategic management, in addition to the contribution of strategic management to achieving development goals.

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