First workshop of Job Initiative Programme kicks off at University of Human Development


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The Five One Labs organisation held its first workshop at the University of Human Development (UHD) on 16th January 2022 as part of its three-month-long programme, Job Initiative Programme, which aims at helping students to develop job ideas and be able to start and have their own business. About 80 students from all the 11 departments of UHD participated in the workshop in which a number of important topics were discussed, mainly: how to develop business ideas, what brainstorming is, what are the processes and opportunities, how to implement the ideas and how to evaluate them.

According to the agenda of the programme, the participants of today’s workshop will be assessed next week and up to seven groups, there will be 4 students in each, will be formed based on the validity and practicality of their ideas. These groups will then attend six more workshops and receive financial support to work on their ideas and make them into solid projects. Finally, three business projects will be selected and funded by Five One Labs to start.

UHD signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Five One Labs in December 2021 to work together on projects which benefit students and society as a whole. Five One Labs organisation supports individuals with ideas and talented entrepreneurs in Kurdistan to start their business, make earnings and contribute to their communities’ economic growth.