University of Human Development and Five One Labs sign Memorandum of Understanding


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The University of Human Development (UHD) and Five One Labs signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 23rd December 2021. It came after both sides held constructive talks to work together and lay out plans for their future cooperation. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is intended to formalise discussions between the parties, facilitate joint plans and projects, and become a basis for formal contacts.

The common ground between UHD and Five One Labs is empowering individuals and supporting economic growth in the Kurdistan Region. UHD is committed to making the highest possible contribution to the development of society at the educational, social and economic levels. It strives to achieve those goals through enhancing knowledge and education, holding workshops, seminars and joint projects in and outside the campus and collaborating with public and private institutions that work for the same goals. And Five On Labs supports individuals with ideas and talented entrepreneurs in Kurdistan to start their businesses, make earnings and contribute to their communities’ economic growth.

The first joint project has already been planned. A training course of six workshops will be arranged for potential student entrepreneurs starting from the middle of January to the beginning of April 2022. Participants will first be helped to develop business ideas, later 15 business ideas with the highest chance of success will be selected and financed while in the making, five students will be allowed to work on each of the selected ideas. Finally, the winners will be funded to start their businesses.  

The MoU between UHD and Five One Labs will pave the way for cooperation on matters that concern both of them. Assist Prof. Dr Ahmed Omar Bali, director of the International Affairs, signed the MoU on behalf of UHD and Ms Delvin J. Ahmed, Startup Support Manager, signed it on behalf of Five One Labs.