The role of the blended mobility learning project in enhancing the competence of students


Monday - July 26, 2021- As part of a series of local and international activities and events and with a commitment to health and safety conditions to confront the Corona epidemic, the University of Human Development, in cooperation with Texas American University, the Portuguese The Technical University of Porto, and the Belgian (imec) Foundation for Entrepreneurship held a virtual international forum On the Zoom program under the title  (The Role of the Blended Mobility Project in Improving the Competence of Students). More than 50 faculty members of a number of universities in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq participated in the forum. At the beginning of the forum, Professor (Nuno  Escudeiro) from (ISEP) explained their project in blended Mobility Aim during the past decade, its goals, and benefits in developing the capabilities and competencies of students and helping them find jobs for them. Miss Karlijn Koek, the program coordinator from (imec) Foundation in Belgian spoke about the role of their institution in financing and sponsoring talented student projects, especially in the past years with the Blended Mobility Learning Project Program, and explained the role of this project in discovering and developing students' competency. From the University of Texas in the American city of Aston, Professor (Matthew Russell) participated and talked about the blended learning project in America and its role and the most important thing they did in this field Mazen Ismail Ghareeb, Head of the Computer Science Department at the University of Human Development, spoke about the university's role and contribution to the project and the university's desire to develop and strengthen these projects. He explained the benefits and obstacles during the university's participation in the blended learning project. The participants also contributed to enriching the workshop through discussions, observations and questions. At the end of the forum, attendance certificates were sent to the participants.