Methods of Scientific Research funding


On Tuesday - 29-6-2021, the College of Administration and Economics, Accounting department  held an international workshop titled: Methods of Scientific Research funding.

The workshop was presented by Dr. Mohamed Khalil Shwani from the Utah Valley University, USA, and Farooq Hussain Muhammad from the business department of the University of Human Development.

At the beginning of the workshop, the importance of funding in scientific research was explained and how it leads to enhancing the quality of research in addition to providing the necessary supplies and providing salaries and wages for the researchers so that they devote themselves fully to perform the research. 

Later, Dr. Shwani explained the mechanism of obtaining grants and funding from various sources in the United States and emphasized that the government and private sector companies present a large number of cases in different fields and demand universities and research centers to apply their proposals by scientific research to address these problems. 

The workshop was attended by 33 teachers at the hall of the Development Centre for Research and Training at the University of Human Development.