A UHD Student Participated in the HITEX International Exhibition With an Artificial Intelligence Project


A UHD student from the Department of Information Technology, participated in the HITEX International Exhibition-2021 with a project in the field of artificial intelligence, which is one of the forty selected projects in the whole Iraq and has been engaged to participate in the exhibition.

Rawaz Abdulrahman is a fourth-year student at the UHD who showcased his artificial project at HITEX International Exhibition on the platform under the title (Invest My Idea). The platform was to connect and tie students and investors together for operating business projects.

This platform is supported by the European Union and it is financially funded by the EU Madad Fund in the framework program towards creating job opportunities in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region and it has been implemented by the United Nation human evelopment Program with the cooperation of the Rwanga Foundation.

HITEX-2021 International Exhibition is the largest technology exhibition in Iraq which has been carried out in Erbil for the second time. Innovative technological inventions have globally been shown. Several biggest companies have taken part in twenty to twenty-five countries around the world.