Master’s Degree in Banking and Finance Sciences awarded at UHD


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The Master’s Degree candidate Mr Wrya Muhammad Zahir Muhammad defended his thesis in Banking and Finance Sciences titled “Evaluating the financial performance of some commercial banks in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq” in a viva voce held in the Seminars Hall at the University of Human Development on 5th January 2022.

The viva committee members were: Prof. Dr Asaad Hamdi Muhammad Mahir from the University of Human Development (head of the committee), Prof. Dr Kawa Muhammad Faraj from Sulaimani University (member), retired Prof. Dr Saud Ghali Sabr (member) and Assist Prof. Dr Yunis Ali Ahmed from Sulaimani University (member and supervisor).

The examination of the thesis and discussion of the subject continued for several hours and, finally, the committee decided to award Mr Wrya the degree. A number of academists sat in a discussion and friends and family members also attended. It is a tradition in Kurdistan to use viva as a social event – refreshments are served and relatives and close friends of the candidate gather to mark the occasion.

Joint Master Programme between the University of Human Development and Sulaimani University awards a joint degree to successful candidates. The programme covers several study areas including Banking and Finance, Law,  Political Science, English Language, Information Technology and  Computer Science .

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