Wise Private High School on a scientific tour to UHD medical labs


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The University of Human Development (UHD) received a group of students of Grade 10 from Wise Private High School in Sulaymaniyah on a scientific tour to the medical laboratories at the College of Health Sciences on 22nd December 2021.

At the lab, the students numbered around 30 received information about the medical equipment and devices and how they aid in analysing diseases and performing various tests of blood and urine and other body fluids. Later on, they attended a workshop on the importance of medical labs in examining diseases and providing doctors with details that can then be used for prescribing medication and treatment. The workshop was delivered by the Dean of the College, Assist Prof. Dr Salih Ahmed Hama.

A scientific tour like this is crucial for High School students to get encouraged in their studies and be able to project in their mind the kind of profession they would be wanting to have in the future. The most important step to that end is the study area and the university they would choose after they graduate from high school.

The medical labs at the UHD College of Health Sciences are among the best in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. They contain very advanced pieces of equipment, and students get sufficient training in the labs during their time at university.