UHD welcomes freshers of 2021-2022


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The University of Human Development (UHD) welcomed the first-year students on their first day on campus on 19th December 2021. Students were first gathered at the campus entrance and made into groups to be directed by students from other stages to the university’s different buildings and units and finally to their classrooms.

The event was organised by the UHD Students Unit and, similar to the previous years, students from other stages volunteered to help the freshers with life on campus and expectations as university students. These senior students had already received guidance and instructions on how to lead their would-be colleagues and help them with their needs.

At the final destination of their first journey in UHD, the freshers attended a short talk in their departments where they listened to the heads of the departments to learn about the study requirements for their first year including the courses they would be taking, the timetable and every other thing related to study at UHD.

UHD is a non-profit university in the Kurdistan Region. It has been on the top of the national ranking of the universities in the Kurdistan Region which is held by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Kurdistan Regional Government every year. UHD also occupies a high position as an Iraqi university on international ranking systems like Webometrics.