UHD and Sulaymaniyah International Fair sign memorandum of understanding


University of Human Development (UHD) and Sulaymaniyah International Fair (SIF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Monday, November 15th, 2021. SIF is an annual exhibition opened for books and other publications in the city of Sulaimani since 2006. The latest SIF was in April and it lasted for 10 days. The exhibition is organised and supervised by Atlas Al-Aseel Company for General Trading, Exhibition and Conference.

The purpose of the MoU is to connect UHD to international publishers to receive their products and be able to make deals with them for publishing books written by UHD teachers and researchers. The collaboration between UHD and SIF is important for information dissemination and integration with society. UHD and SIF agreed on some points including UHD teachers’ participation in the panels and seminars held by SIF; providing facilities by SIF to UHD students for practical lessons; and opening joint courses on marketing, administration, environment and public health.

The MoU was signed by UHD Director of International Affairs Assist Prof Dr Ahmed Omar Bali and SIF Director of Administration and International Affairs Mr Shawqi Mahmood