UHD President Welcomes Tikrit University President


       Aiming at joint cooperation between the University of Human Development (UHD) and Tikrit University, UHD President Prof. Dr. Mariwan Ahmed Rasheed, accompanied by members of the University Council, welcomed Tikrit University President Prof. Dr. Waad Mahmoud Rauf and his accompanying delegation.

In a friendly meeting, the UHD president briefly introduced the university and its academic work and presented to the delegation how UHD has pioneered in the field of technology to serve the learning process at the university. In turn, the Tikrit University president gave a basic overview of Tikrit University and showed appreciation to UHD for the scientific development it achieved. He also expressed that the scientific reputation of UHD was the motive for their visit and remarked that the news of the applying technology at UHD has reached outside the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Afterwards, a seminar was presented by UHD about UHD special platform for all academic and administrative affairs at the university. No university has yet applied this platform at this advanced level.

At the end of the visit, both university presidents exchanged their university logos as presents.