Law Department students on a field trip to Criminal Evidence Investigation Directorate


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Fifth-year students in the Law Department at the University of Human Development went on a field trip to Sulaymaniyah Criminal Evidence Investigation Directorate on Sunday, 10 March 2024, under the supervision of Asst Lecturer Mr Hardi Tofiq. The visit aimed at introducing students to the methods of gathering and investigating criminal evidence via scientific and technological means and using them within court proceedings.

At the directorate, students were familiarised with the equipment used to identify fingerprints and other physical evidence, the authenticity of documents...etc. also, equipment that is used to identify biological evidence such as blood stains and DNA, and at the weapon laboratory students were instructed on the methods of examining weapons used in a crime.

The Law Department believes that field trips constitute an important part of the learning process and help students practise what they learn in the classrooms. The department arranges trips for its students to the government legal sections and departments, and to courthouses where they directly learn about how legal proceedings are undertaken and court procedures are followed.

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