Kurdistan Higher Education Minister awards UHD students for winning Huawei ICT Competition


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In an event organised by the Kurdistan Region’s Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Huawei Company, in Erbil on 24th December 2023, Minister Dr Aram Muhammad Qadir awarded the winners of the Huawei Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Competition. The competition was held for students in the Middle East and Central Asian universities.

The event was a joint symposium for ICT and vocational education between the Ministry of Higher Education and Huawei Company, part of the event was that winners were awarded the achievement certificate – there is increasing attention by the ministry and universities in Kurdistan to how to prepare students for future challenges in the labour market and what needs to be done so that students can find jobs when they graduate.

The Huawei Competition was held in Cloud, Computing and Networking areas, and its last phase was held in the state of Bahrain for winners of the previous two rounds and the last round of the competition, some ten Iraqi students won the last round of which four students were from the University of Human Development (UHD), College of Science and Technology. Congratulations are in order!

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