IT students make it onto the second round of Huawei Company Competition


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Thirteen students from the Information Technology Department of the University of Human Development have won the first round of the Huawei Company Competition. More than 50 Iraqi universities participated in the competition which was held online. It was mostly about cloud computing and networking.

The selection was tough as the number of participants reached hundreds. UHD students were among 60 from other Iraqi universities who managed to make it onto the second round.

The UHD President Prof. Dr Mariwan Ahmed Rasheed congratulated the students and regarded their participation and winning as a proud achievement. He said that UHD students won the first round of this important competition, which is a sign that UHD study courses and academic curriculum meet international standards and qualify students to work for reputable international hi-tech companies. He also extolled the significant efforts of the teaching staff at the College of Science and Technology.

The second round is expected to happen tomorrow. Participants from UHD stand a big chance of winning the second round and entering the final competition which includes universities from all the Middle East countries.