Students attend their first class at the beginning of the new academic year at UHD


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17th September 2023 – A new term has begun at the University of Human Development. The returning students attended their first class with great enthusiasm. Lecturers welcomed them back and directed them to the new study modules.

UHD as a private and non-profit institution follows the official higher education calendar designed annually by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. UHD makes preparations for a new term in the summer when students are on their break and makes sure that everything is ready and in place when students return.  

The prolonged financial crises and political uncertainties have affected and overshadowed many families in Kurdistan. However, UHD has always tried to ease the burden for its students by setting comparatively low tuition fees while providing the best learning environment on its campus.   

The UHD website wishes every student and lecturer a very happy new academic year.