Students and lecturers collaborate and publish papers in high-indexed journals


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Students at the Medical Laboratory Sciences Department and Nursing Department at the University of Human Development collaborated with their lecturer Mr Jihad Muhammed Hadi and authors from other universities and institutions on several papers and have managed to publish them in high-indexed journals. The papers are now available to download from the journal’s websites.

Below are the names of the students who have participated in the papers as co-authors: Shko Sherzad, Ayman Majid, Soma Ata, Shanya Bakhtiyar, Muhammed Sabir, Soz Nawzad, Ayar Mukhtar, Karwan Nazir, Shapol Sirwan and Paiwast Dlshad.

The first paper is Assessing serum C-reactive protein as a predictor of COVID-19 outcomes: a retrospective cross-sectional study which is published in ANNALS OF MEDICINE AND SURGERY. The journal is indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection: Emerging Sources Citation Index.

The second paper is Effects of Smoking on Serum Ferritin levels in adult population living in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq: A Retrospective Cross-sectional Study published in Iraq Medical Journal which is indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals.

And the third paper is Age-Related Variations in Serum Zinc Levels Among Female Patients in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq: Implications for Addressing Zinc Deficiency published in CUREUS JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCE. This journal is also indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection: Emerging Sources Citation Index. The two Web of Science journals mean that they have Impact Factors.

The University of Human Development promotes research and innovation in both fields of natural and social sciences. It has a proud record of publishing high-quality articles in local and international journals. The latest publications by students and a lecturer are just another achievement and at the same time a significant contribution to the development of science.