UHD publishes two books about old manuscripts


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The Manuscripts and Cultural Heritage Unit at the University of Human Development (UHD) has published two books which study old manuscripts about two important topics.  

The first book is ‘Epidemiology and writing about epidemics’ by Dr Hardi Mahdi Mika. It uncovers and analyses an old Kurdish text on epidemiology by famous Kurdish scholar Idris Bitlisi.

The second book is titled ‘Well-known Kurdish scholars in the Arab manuscripts: Biography and their manuscripts’ written by researcher Yaseen Taha Muhammad. The book looks at a large number of old texts produced in different areas and at different times in the Arab World. It is an attempt to see how Kurdish scholars were cited and described in ancient Arab texts.

UHD Manuscripts and Cultural Heritage Unit sees with great importance the recovery of Kurdish literary heritages to preserve them and analyse and introduce them to the new generation – this constitutes part of the Kurdish identity.