UHD President honours two senior lecturers at Law Department


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The President of the University of Human Development (UHD), Prof. Dr Mariwan Ahmed Rasheed, in the presence of the President Assistant for Scientific Affairs, Prof. Dr Anwar Muhammad Faraj, and the Dean of the College of Law and Politics, Asst Prof. Dr Kanaan Hamagharib Abdullah, received Dr Sarkawt Esmail Hussein and Mr Muhammad Mustafa Rasul in his office on Tuesday, 28th February 2023.


Dr Hussein and Mr Rasul have been teaching and educating students at the Law Department at UHD for many years. Students benefit from their knowledge as well as experience since they both are judges.  


UHD president praised the lecturers’ efforts and their continuous contribution to the Law Department and the wider university. He expressed his appreciation for their great work and sincere efforts and presented them with a UHD logo plaque. He wished them success and continuity in their work.

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