College of Health Sciences marks World Cancer Day with two events


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College of Health Sciences at the University of Human Development marked World Cancer Day with two events on 4th-5th February 2023.

The first event was a free blood test and some other medical tests for shoppers and visitors to the Family Mall in Sulaymaniyah. They were conducted by a group of students and teachers of the aforementioned college. The event also included giving out leaflets on cancer diseases and their prevention methods.

The second event was a seminar titled ‘Health awareness of cancer disease’ held at Prof. Dr Ali Qaradaghi Hall. The speakers were Dr Najmaddin Khoshnaw, a specialist in blood cancer diseases, and Dr Shakhawan Abdulrahman, a specialist in cancer biology. They explained different cancer types and stages and addressed the issue of rising cancer in the Kurdistan Region. Cancer hospitals in Kurdistan are struggling to cope with the increasing number of patients. They mentioned that the most important step is to be aware and be able to recognise and identify the early signs of cancer since this will help achieve a faster recovery.

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