UHD and Harem Hospital sign Memorandum of Understanding


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University of Human Development (UHD) and Harem Hospital signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate on matters related to public health and the provision of healthcare according to international standards. The agreement was signed by the president of UHD and the manager of Harem Hospital on 8th December 2022.

UHD President, Prof. Dr Mariwan Ahmed Rasheed, was accompanied by Asst Prof. Dr Hiwa Abubaker Ali, President Assistant for Financial Affairs, Asst Prof. Dr Salih Ahmed Hama Ali, dean of the College of Health Sciences, and Dr Bushra Jabar Hamarashid, head of the Department of Nursing.

UHD president stated that UHD chose Harem Hospital for its good reputation in healthcare and said that UHD students would be able to directly learn from the practitioners at the hospital, and have some of their practical lessons there. He thanked the hospital manager, Dr Sarwar Khurshid, for their cooperation and their willingness to work with UHD.

For his part, the hospital manager thanked the UHD president and hoped that current UHD students in the health departments would be able to work at his hospital in the future. He said that the agreement was a solid ground for exchanging information about what needs to be studied at the health departments, for sharing data and for conducting joint research projects – the advanced medical labs at UHD can help achieve this goal.