University of Human Development stays on top of the list of Webometrics for July 2022


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The University of Human Development (UHD) has stayed on top of the list of Iraqi Kurdistan Region’s (IKR) universities according to the newly updated version of Webometrics Ranking, July Edition 2022. UHD ranks 5 among all the public and private IKR universities which are currently 30 and ranks 20 among the 122 public and private universities and higher education institutions in Iraq as listed on Webometrics.

Webometrics is a system for ranking the world’s universities. It bases its criteria on the web content of the universities in question (the university’s own website and all the other files, pages and publications that go on the Internet) and the accessibility and visibility of those content to external links and readers – the objective is to encourage and promote open access to knowledge and information.

The new ranking of UHD on the recently updated July Edition of Webometrics is a significant achievement taking into consideration the fewer human and financial resources at the disposal of UHD compared with other universities in the region.