UHD president visits new president of Sulaimani Polytechnic University


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The president of the University of Human Development, Prof. Dr Mariwan Ahmed Rasheed, visited the new president of Sulaimani Polytechnic University, Asst Prof. Dr Hoshyar Abdullah Aziz, Thursday, 15th September 2022, to give him his congratulations and wish him success and good luck in his post – Dr Hoshyar warmly welcomed Dr Mariwan and his team and expressed his deep appreciation for the visit.

UHD president was accompanied by the president assistant for scientific affairs, Prof. Dr Anwar Muhammad Faraj, the president assistant for financial affairs, Asst Prof. Dr Hiwa Abubaker Ali, and the director of UHD international affairs, Asst Prof. Dr Ahmed Omar Bali. And, from the Polytechnic side, Prof. Dr Soran Abubaker Muhammad and Dr Bakhtiyar Abeed Sharif, president assistants for scientific affairs and student affairs respectively, were present during the visit.

The UHD president and the Polytechnic University president reiterated the need for further cooperation and to work together on scientific projects for the good of both universities and for the benefit of society. 

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