Messages of Condolences


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The University of Human Development (UHD) lecturer Mr Ahmed Awat has died in a car accident together with his fiancée in the city of Sulaymaniyah yesterday 3rd June 2022.

Mr Ahmed was from the College of Science and Technology. He was an active member of the teaching staff and very much dedicated to his job and his position. He was loved by his friends, colleagues, and students alike.

On behalf of the UHD Presidential Council, the UHD President Prof. Dr Mariwan Ahmed Rasheed expressed his deep sorrow and sent condolences to the late Mr Ahmed’s family and friends, and prayed for his rest in the afterlife.

Condolences were also sent from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Kurdistan Regional Government, ‘We are very saddened by the death of Mr Ahmed Awat. We’d like to send our sympathy to the University of Human Development, his friends and students, and we pray for his comfort in the next life’, the message read.