College of Health Sciences marks World Kidney Day with two activities


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World Kidney Day was marked with two events organised by the College of Health Sciences at the University of Human Development on 10th March 2022. The first event was a panel for three physicians on kidney diseases and various health problems related to the kidney.

Dr Saman Salih Fakhraddin, a specialist in kidney surgery, spoke about kidney stones: causes and treatments, prevention and outcomes. The second panellist Dr Bushra Jabar Hamarasheed, a specialist in food science, talked about the role of food in making kidney stones and how to prevent the problem from happening. And the final panellist Dr Bnar Sardar Saida, a specialist in internal diseases, elaborated on the functions and weaknesses of the kidney. There was a large audience in Dr Ali Qaradahgi Hall where the panel was held.

The second activity took place in the main square in UHD – free blood tests were offered by a group of students from the College of Health Sciences under the supervision of their teachers. They included COVID-19 Rapid Test, CBC (Complete Blood Count) Test, Blood Group Test, Blood Sugar Test and Blood Pressure Measurement.

Many events and campaigns are organised worldwide on Kidney Day to raise awareness about risk factors of kidney diseases and preventive behaviours.