KRG Minister of Higher Education takes a tour of UHD


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The President of the University of Human Development (UHD), Prof. Dr Mariwan Ahmed Rasheed, received Dr Aram Muhammad Qadir, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), and two other high government officials; Dr Amanj Abdullah Saeed, Senior Advisor to the Minister of Higher Education and Mr Ali Othman Ali, Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, and accompanied them on a tour of UHD after the end of University and Labour Market Forum on 3rd March 2022.

Prof. Dr Mariwan awarded UHD glass plaques to Dr Aram and the other officials then began a tour with them to UHD learning facilities including the medical laboratories: Microbiology Lab, Medical Bacteriology Lab, Advanced Biomedical Research Lab, Molecule Biology Lab, Biochemistry and Clinical Chemistry Lab, Immunology and Physiology Lab, Organic and Analytical Chemistry Lab, Pharmaceutics Lab, Pharmacognosy Lab, Fundamentals of Nursing.

The Higher Education Minister, Dr Aram, recognised the importance of these labs at UHD. He said that such modern facilities are necessary for the education and learning process as they can greatly help students to be prepared for the challenges of the market.

The Dean of the UHD College of Health Sciences, who also accompanied the officials, said that some of the equipment they have at the labs is rare in the private universities in Sulaymaniyah.

Another destination of the tour was the Law Department Moot Courtroom. The Dean of the College of Law and Politics said that students have practical lessons about actual court by doing moot court and mock trials.