Ambassador Dr Mohammad Sabir Ismail teaches his first class at Diplomacy and Public Relations Department


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The former Iraqi Ambassador to China Dr Mohammad Sabir Ismail has taught his first class on Etiquette and Diplomatic Protocols to the 8th Semester students at the Department of Diplomacy and Public Relations (DPR) at the University of Human Development (UHD) on 8th February 2022. Students at this department study a module on etiquette and diplomatic protocols in their final semester. Ambassador Dr Mohammad is one of the visiting lecturers for this module this year. 

The Head of the DPR Mr Kardo Rached thanked Dr Mohammad for his time and said that his students can greatly benefit from the accumulated experience of Dr Mohammad in formal representation and diplomatic actions.

Before the beginning of the class, Dr Mohammad was warmly welcomed by the UHD President Prof. Dr Mariwan Ahmed Rasheed at his office. The President expressed his appreciation to him for accepting the UHD’s invitation to teach DPR students. For his part, Dr Mohammad said that he was very glad to come and educate Kurdish students and share his experience with them, and he said that having such a department, DPR, would help Kurdish students to study diplomacy and diplomatic issues in a scientific and professional way.  

Ambassador Dr Mohammad Sabir Ismail is an academic, politician, and diplomat. He was representative of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in Europe 1978-1993, representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan to France 1993-2001 and to the United States 2001-2004, ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to the People’s Republic of China 2004-2010, Head of Asia and Australasia Department at the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2010-2013, and Permanent Representative of the Republic of Iraq to the United Nations Office in Geneva 2013-2016. Apart from his political career, Dr Mohammad had worked as a university lecturer in Iraq and Europe for several years and has 13 publications in high-indexed scientific journals. 

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