An international virtual forum: Strategic prospects for human resources management after the COVID-19 pandemic


 On Sunday, August 15, 2021, the College of Administration and Economics at the University of Human Development held an international virtual forum in cooperation with the College of Business Administration / Jinan Lebanese University via Zoom under the title: Strategic prospects for human resources management after the COVID-19 pandemic. The topic was covered by the speakers in a number of themes. The forum began with Professor Dr. Ramez Al-Tanbour from Jinan University, who is an expert in the Arab Organization for Administrative Development, by talking about the digital development and the elements of transformation for electronic human resource management and the transformations brought about by the Corona epidemic at the level of employment and other functions of human resource management. He explained that the trend towards digitization was present before the outbreak of the pandemic, but the pandemic has accelerated the rate of transformation, and at the conclusion of his speech, he emphasized that the era of rigid traditional management is over and the era of flexible management has begun. In his speech on the stages of development of human management and its future, Dr. Amjad Muhammad Abdullah from the University of Human Development indicated the need to keep pace with developments and rapid changes that occurred in human resources management and work to build its requirements. From his point of view, Mr. Salah Hassan Ahmed (Master of Business Administration) spoke about the role of human resource management after the pandemic and the relationship of digitization or automation of human resource management as one of the outcomes of the Corona pandemic with the fourth industrial revolution. Finally, The participants, who numbered more than 100 participants from the faculty of various Iraqi and Lebanese universities, also contributed to enriching the forum through discussions, observations and questions.