UHD students participate in the Erasmus+ Program With a Great Achievement



   Darsan Muhamad Dlashad, in the Computer Science Department and Rawand Rebwar Latif in the Information Technology Department, College of Science and Technology are two Pioneer students who have successfully participated in the Erasmus+ (Blended Mobility) program with a great achievement.


The President of the University of Human Development, Prof. Dr. Mariwan Ahmed Rasheed, in presence of Prof. Dr. Hiwa Abubakr, the president's assistant for administrative and financial affairs and Assistant Professor, Dr. Salih Hama, the dean of the College of Health Sciences, welcomed the two students and awarded them the university prize.

The two UHD students which aparticipated in the Erasmus+ (Blended Mobility) program, have achieved the score of (94.5). The score has not been achieved in the past 10 years by any other students around the world in that program.