Dr. Ali Muhiddin Qaraddaqi

I am honored to introduce you to some fatherly and sincere directions which are: Knowledge is the basis of every progress and civilization, and the key of empowerment and succession, but the originative and influential knowledge can be achieved only by the one who gives his life to it, lives in its hermitage, and loves its chancel; therefore I wish you be of those brilliants. My hope is that you will hold the keys, values, and the methods of knowledge so that you can be pioneers, stars and suns of knowledge. I advise you not to graduate from the university unless you have placed yourself on the road of knowledge and creativity. We aim at professionalism and the achievement of the best in the service of the students, and the best in the connection between the university and the social institutions theoretically , searchingly, and practically. We want to develop the human being and the society, so the only privilege in our consideration will be the scientific qualification, excluding any other influence.

The Best of Luck Professor Dr. Ali Muhiddin Qaraddaqi