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The Characteristics of the Ibad Al-Rahman


The book (The Characteristics of the Ibad Al-Rahman) is a collection and summary of some of Dr Ali Al-Qaradaghi’s sermons and a contemporary interpretation of the verses of the Surah Al-Furqan,  and their relevance to the people of this century.

Initially, the book introduces us to the term ‘Ibad Al-Rahman’ and informs us who is referred to by this name, outlining their characteristics and their relationships with the world, worship, society, and the Creator.

Then, Dr Qaradaghi announces “Ibad Al-Rahman” as the pillars of existence and life as we know it, and describes their extinction as a cause of every community’s destruction. After that, within the shades of the verses of the same Surah, he explains the meaning of the compound word “Ibad Al-Rahman” and the reason behind selecting that specific word in the Holy Quran.

Within this context, he names justice as a crucial example of “Ibad Al-Rahman’s behaviour, which is driven by ‘Fear of Allah’”. He contrasts this with the consequences of the absence of this fear, providing examples from incidents in Western societies to illustrate his point.

In that range given, Dr Qaradaghi changes the direction of his speech toward sins and explains three sins that each community must avoid. He also explains “Taubah” (Repentance) and its conditions for acceptance. Lastly, he identifies “Zina” (Forbidden sex) as the third most significant sin following worshipping another god with Allah and unjustified killing. “Ibad Al-Rahman” are described as positive and beneficial individuals for themselves and their communities, where the characteristics revealed in the Holy Quran are what made them what they are.

Key details about the book include:

-              Original Language: Arabic

-              Translated into Kurdish by Omer Ali Mohammed

-              Number of Pages: 83

-              Year of Publication: 2013