E-Governance for Better Service Delivery in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

E-Governance for Better Service Delivery in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

2019-04-01 (دووشەم) [ کۆلێجی زانست و تەکنەلۆجیا ]

In the past decade, most countries have embraced new technologies in an effort to improve the way they offer public services to citizens. Some do so in order to improve the channels through which they communicate and interact with their citizens, while others do so to improve the efficiency of the delivery of services; and as a result, introduce savings in the utilization of resources that could also be used in creating new value-adding initiatives. 

UNDP Iraq is supporting the Ministry of Interior in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to apply e-governance for better service delivery. The project started in March 2017 with the aim of i) building capacities in the Ministry of Interior through transfer of knowledge using the South-South framework, ii) establishing an inter-sector coordinating mechanism for the wider application of e-governance in public service delivery, and iii) identification of pilot projects through which services could be delivered to the public through e-governance means.

The Ministry of Interior is currently working towards creating partnerships and mobilizing resources for their planned Service Centres, which they hope will be an example for delivering service to the public and ultimately result in more responsive, transparent, and accountable public administration in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

  • Presented By : M. Mazen , M Rzgar 
  • Date and Time : Monday 20-May-2019  01:00 PM  
  • Place : College of Science and Technology - Hall 204

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