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UHD students celebrate Sulaimani Day

2021-12-01 15:48:57.526611

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niversity of Human Development (UHD) students of the College of Administration and Economics prepared an activity on November 14th to celebrate Sulaimani Day. The city of Sulaimani (it is also spelt as Sulaymaniyah, Suleimani, or Slemani as its Kurdish name reads), a Kurdish city located in the northeast of Iraq and the southeast of Kurdistan Region, was founded in 1784 by the Kurdish prince Ibrahim Pasha Baban.

The well-known Kurdish artist Omar Karim Agha was a guest at the event. He delivered a speech in which he shed light on the art in general and the past and present cultural activities in Sulaimani in particular. He said that art is entertainment but at the same time it is a way of educating the new generations and protecting the national identity. Then, a short film was presented about the history of Sulaimani.

Another guest was Awat Sultan, a retired school teacher and an author. He spoke on how education was in the 1970s and how well teachers were respected by people. He also said that education had priority for the state at that time. He advised students to respect their teachers because, he said, they play a highly significant role in the development of society. Reading poems on Sulaimani was another aspect of the event.