Quality Assurance

What is Quality assurance? How the UHD approaches and apply it on campus?

Welcome to the website of the Directorate of Quality Assurance (DQA) at the UHD. One of the main missions of the Quality Assurance body at the UHD is to assure the quality of teaching/learning. The vision of the DQA is to ensure the quality of education that meets the requirements for sustainable development. The DQA uses G-Suite for Education to run the process of assuring the quality of teaching/learning and promoting an e-teaching among the teaching-staff of the UHD.

Marks of Quality

  1. Research proposals.
  2. Current and ongoing research.
  3. Articles published in journals listed by Thomson Reuters (ISI).
  4. Articles published in journals listed by SCOPUS.
  5. Articles published in journals without indexing.
  6. Conference papers.
  7. National and international papers.

The achievements of UHD students have been recognized honors