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The latest news from UHD

English Department and National Geographic Learning in a joint workshop

UHD partakes in a panel at Sulaimani International Book Fair

Certificate award ceremony by UHD Pedagogy Centre

Ideas and arts are combined in an exhibition

Master’s thesis viva in Joint Master Programme between UHD and Sulaimani University

UHD lecturers participate in a youth capacity building programme in collaboration with local organisations

UHD conducts international workshop on data science and information quality

UHD holds graduation ceremony for its 2020 and 2021 classes

The Law Department invites legal practitioner to its classes

UHD and Sulaymaniyah International Fair sign memorandum of understanding

UHD students celebrate Sulaimani Day

UHD College of Health Sciences organises a seminar on diabetes

UHD students mark World Diabetes Day

UHD President's paper in an international conference gets attention from several Turkish media

Friends and Enemies in Politics

UHD lecturers involve in an international program on religion and peacebuilding

UHD students donate blood

Memorial Service for the late Dr Alaaddin Jango

Celebrates the birth anniversary of the Holy Prophet

Admission Annoucement 2021-2022

Shnyar has achieved scholarship in high ranked University

Pedagogy and Academic Development Training Center of the University of Human Development announces a pedagogical training course

UHD President Welcomes Tikrit University President

The Taliban takeover in Afghanistan: its impact and consequences for the Middle East

Celebrating Flag Day

Opening Art Exhibition

Opening an Exhibition for Graduates Who Have taken Photographs

A Grant for Scientific Consultation and Providing Campus Facilities

Opening an Art Exhibition for a Number of Gifted Women.

A Grant for Training and Consultation

Securing Grant for Conducting Project

IYLPEP Program

A Foosball Tournament for UHD Employees

A Ping-pong Tournament for UHD Employees

A Ping-pong Tournament for Medical Labratory Students

Studying the universe evolution in the early times and the late times

Study of inflationary cosmology beyond the standard model

Study of structure formation in clustering Dark energy and modified gravity theories

Post-Quantum Cryptography

Joint Symposium

National Symposium

Gabriel Garcia Marquez: "One Hundred Years of Solitude" : Pre-Industrialization and Modernity

The draft law of a court specialised in ISIS crimes in view of the constitution and the judicial reality of Kurdistan Region

Academic Joint Project

UHD Signs Memorandum of Understanding with University of Kurdistan (Sanandaj)

Anfal Genocide Commemoration Event

Standing against domestic violence in Kurdistan

Rebwar Muhammad Rasheed, continuous achievement

The Role of Peace in Realizing Social Harmony

The Peace Principle for Youth Empowerment

The Role of Religion in Creating a Peaceful Society

The Peace and Its Effect on Socio-Economic Development

Community engagement

UHD students participated in the TECHFEST Technology Exhibition


Covid-19: Mechanism, Advices andStatistics about the Pandemic

University of Human Development is cooperating employers in the Kurdistan Region.

The Practical Steps of Small-Scale Projects

The Foundations of the Success of Small-Scale Projects Workshop

Entrepreneurship in Education Sector Course

Innovative Teaching Methods Course

Applied Science Methodology Course

Publication Strategies Course

Health and Safety Instructions Course

Teacher Professional Development Course

The Idea of Small-Scale Project and Finding Jobs Workshop

Methods of Receiving and Learning Information Workshop

An international virtual forum: Strategic prospects for human resources management after the COVID-19 pandemic

International Workshop

The International Forum (The Role of Education in the Era of Society 5.0)

UHD Signs Memorandum of Understanding with University of Halabja

UHD Is Awarded an International Accreditation by ASIC

UHD is Ranked the Top Private University in Iraq

University of Human Development is cooperating employers in the Kurdistan Region.

UHD Launchs an Exchange Program With an Indonesian University

The University of Human Development holds its ninth international scientific conference

Blood analysis for primary school students using various tests

UHD students participate in the Erasmus+ Program With a Great Achievement

Design of scientific research and cite effectively

post-traumatic stress disorder among people under CoViD-19, Nanobiotechnology

Scientific Journals; Classification and Ranking

Applying Pfeiffer-Stone in the Educational Institutes

How to Prepare the Economic Feasibility Study for Projects

Climate change and its expected impact on the economic reality and the development of countries

An exhibition for artistic talented

The role of the blended mobility learning project in enhancing the competence of students

Interpretation: Theory and Practice

UHD held 8th International Conference

How to Write, Construct and Submit a scientific Article

Biometrics and Image Processing Applications

The Role of Religion in Society

The UHD’s 8th International Scientific Conference Agenda

The Role and Contribution of Academic Institutions in Society

The Foundations of Joint Work

The Characteristics of the Youth Today

Workshop: How to Organize Administrative and Financial Affairs

Students Showcase Tech Projects

Workshop: Using the Most Important Statistical Tests in Scientific Research‬

A Music Event for the Students Who Have Passion for Music and Arts.

7th Festival of Science and the Arts

Post-Graduation Opportunities in a Workshop

Methods of Scientific Research funding

UHD President Awarded a Talented Student

Strategies for Publishing Scientific Research

Writing and Publishing Scientific Research Papers

A UHD Student Participated in the HITEX International Exhibition With an Artificial Intelligence Project

A Soccer Tournament for the Freshman Students at Medical Labratory Department

Chess Tournament

College of Science and Technology Students Competing in a Ping-Pong Tournament

A Bike Race From the Mountainside to the Campus

The Role of University Teachers in Society as a Role Model

UHD Students Play Music at a Live Music Event on Campus

Foosball Table Competition for Employees

Joint International Workshop on Teacher Education and Language Teaching in Linguistically Diverse Contexts

The Future of the Issue of Jerusalem in Light of the Current Developments

New Trends in The Curriculums and Human Development

Ping-Pong Tournament for Students Organized at The UHD Campus

IT Students became Champion of Soccer League

UNESCO Chair on Genocide Prevention, visits UHD

A Group Of Students Organize A Major Event On International Women's Day

Thesis Defense for The First Round of Masters Students

According to Scimago UHD is The Top Private University in Iraq

New Variants of Coronavirus and The Risks in a Seminar

Towards Academic Collaboration between UHD and UNESA in an International Workshop