College of Languages

College Image
College of Languages was established in 2008. It embraces four departments: Morning Department of English, Morning Department of Arabic, Evening Department of English and Evening Department of Arabic. However, due to the market needs and the recent regulations from KRG Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the evening departments have been closed. Additionally, the Morning Department of Arabic has been suspended. Currently, College of Languages has one active running department: Department of English.

College Mission

College of Languages highlights supreme academic missions in the shape of twilight of science, conduct, behavior and other necessary concepts. We train the students to lead the community in both personal and professional sectors, hence prioritizing ethics to knowledge.

College Vision

College of Languages works to enhance students’ knowledge in the fields of Language, Literature, translation and teaching methodology in the areas of the departments’ expertise. It also raises the awareness on cultural and information intellect with the aim of becoming the top college at the level of all colleges of languages in the Middle East.