University of Human Development



A Letter to the students from Professor Dr. Ali Muhiddin Qaradaqhi, the concessionaire and the president of the  trustees' council and the university council.

Dear Sons and Daughters,

Peace and blessings of God be with you


I am honored to introduce you to some fatherly and sincere directions which are: Knowledge is the basis of every progress and civilization, and the key of empowerment and succession, without it, there will be neither civilization nor progress. But the originative and influential knowledge can be achieved only by the one who gives his life to it, lives in its hermitage, and loves its chancel; therefore I wish you be of those brilliants.Knowledge has its keys, values, and methods. The university is one of its keys; so you should make the utmost use of the professors, the books, the libraries and the techniques of the Age (the internet and the like).Its method depends on the comprehension, deep understanding and accurate looking because knowledge cannot be transferred but it grows through free thinking, originality, theorization and the commitment to the constant scientific research, making use of every good ancient and useful modem method. It is worth mentioning that the human civilizations are series constructed one over the other.As for the values of knowledge, one can say that the most important of which are: honesty, truthfulness, faithfulness, dedication, the acknowledgement of knowledge to its originator, and spreading it among its seekers. Thus, my hope is great that you will hold the keys, values, and the methods of knowledge so that you can be pioneers, stars and suns of knowledge.The university level is the most dangerous, important, and fertile of all the rest of the educational levels. Therefore if you do not invest it and make use of it to form your scientific personality, you will lose yourself and you will regret it later. So I advise you not to graduate from the university unless you have placed yourself on the road of knowledge and creativity.

Dear sons and daughters,

The University of Human Development was established for you and for your development which will result in the development of society at large. Thus it is eager to excel, as it could, in the curriculums which are in accordance with the technological progresses, and have connections with the world dynamics. It is also eager to excel. In making use of the techniques of the Age in the world of electronics and the revolution of connectivity and the internet.The university is eager to provide you with the academic atmosphere through providing the services and the means which can achieve that purpose, and through the serious and constructive interaction between the students, teachers and the administration.Therefore it worked hard to provide the best scientific staff to support the scientific procession with the best experiences, best methods of teaching, and scientific research and with the means of information transference.The University of Human Development is concerned about the future of its students as it works hard to obtain the recognition of Iraqi, Arab, Islamic and western universities of its scientific certificates. In addition to the fact that the university is under the supervision of the ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the region of Kurdistan of Iraq, it works hard to have connections with the most important and ancient Arab, western and Asian universities through the academic and scientific agreements.We are here alert to our responsibilities in front of God and then the society, the ministry of Higher Education, and the university staff.Moreover, we aim at professionalism and the achievement of the best in the service of the students, and the best in the connection between the university and the social institutions theoretically, searchingly, and practically.We want to develop the human being and the society, so the only privilege in our consideration will be the scientific qualification, excluding any other influence.


The Best of Luck

Professor Dr. Ali Muhiddin Qaraddaqi

The Concessionaire

President of the Board of Trustees and President of the University Council